Everyday Cutting Board
Everyday Cutting Board
Everyday Cutting Board

Everyday Cutting Board

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  • Excellent hard and strong cutting surface
  • Durable
  • Not dishwasher-safe

Inspired by modern art, our double-sided cutting board has been created with three types of wood to give its aesthetic appeal.

The construction is an end-grain butcher block made with Oregon black walnut, maple, and oak woods then top coated with an oiled, food safe finish.
A magnetic strip runs down the center of the block to hold knives in place for ease of storage.
The cutting board can be stowed away sitting on its flat surface, or on its side for space efficiency.

To prevent food from being stuck in the block, we have added an extra slot on the opposite end to help with air circulation and ease of cleaning. So go ahead and store your knives away... and if food gets lodged inside - give it a good knock, the particles will fall out!

A combination of professional chefs and master craftsmen have provided their expertise in the construction, design, and reliability of each cutting board.